Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit Technology is specialized in Printed Circuit Board & PCB Assembly including components sourcing, functional test and complete assembly for clients all over the world.
All of our base materials and process can meet ROHS and UL international certifications. We stand behind our reputation and have a 100% quality and customer's service promise.If there is any defects for our products, our team will go back to produce a new batch of products that is in conformity with every specification you have requested for.
Our PCB capabilities range from 1-18 layers prototypes and full production pcb manufacturing , with special features such as blind & buried vias, controlled impedance,heavy copper, via fill and more,Also we can deliver Single-Side PCB and Double-side PCB Prototype within 24 hours, 4-8 layer PCB Prototypes in 3-5 working days.The quick and fast lead time stably ensures our customer of quick research speed to occupying the market.
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